Melopoeia (CD Single)

Melopoeia (CD Single) - poems by Rhina P. Espaillat

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Melopoeia (CD Single)

Audio CD. Espaillat, Nicol, Tavano (September 26, 2009)

The best show I've seen this year.—Neal Ferreira, Boston Lyric Opera

The melopoeia concert was high on everyone's list of this year's most memorable events.—Michael Peich, Director, West Chester University Poetry Conference


Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Sunday, Nicol. Johann Sebastian Bach, Gavotte
  2. Prosody, Espaillat. Erik Satie, Gymnopaedie
  3. Lullaby for a Scholar, Nicol. Erik Satie, Gnossienne
  4. I Dreamt You Young, Espaillat. Francisco Tarrega, Lagrima
  5. Your Other Men, Nicol. John Lennon & Paul McCartney, And I Love Her
  6. Empty Streets, Nicol. Antonio Carlos Jobim, Solea
  7. Next-to-Last Song, Espaillat. John Tavano, Spanish Improvisation
  8. January Song, Espaillat. Antonio Carlos Jobim, Corcovado
  9. Idolatry, Nicol. Manuel Ponce, La Velentina
  10. Through the Window, Espaillat. Traditional, Afro-Cuban Lullaby
  11. Look to the Small Birds, Espaillat. Francisco Tarrega, Capricho Arabe
  12. Burn, Nicol. John Tavano, Burn
  13. Tea, Espaillat. Antonio Lauro, El Negrito
  14. Bat, Nicol. John Tavano, Improvisation
  15. Marginal, Espaillat. John Tavano, Lunar Shuffle
  16. The Magician s Bashful Daughter, Nicol. Matteo Carcarssi, Study in A
  17. If There Had Been, Espaillat. Francisco Tarrega, Adelita
  18. Guidelines, Espaillat. Per-Olav Kindgren, A Touch of Love